Vintage homes hold a special place in my heart.

Half of my life I’ve lived in one and even until now, I’d choose vintage homes over modern ones. What I love about vintage is that, each baluster, tile, fixture and appliance has a story to tell. It speaks history so that it could have a life of its own, kidding!

Our home in Virginia was built in 1850s and we’ve lived there until I packed my bags and transferred to Florida. Every year, it’s as if the house has a certain way of calling me — why not? I’m drawn to it that I vowed to visit it at least once a year. My folks have carefully maintained the house so it doesn’t look that old.

Good thing maintenance for vintage houses are easier nowadays as vintage home decors have become popular. It also helps that most interiors are in white, giving more options to accessories, furniture, and decorations.

Today we can see vintage houses with modern interiors or at least mixed with modern-style appliance or furniture. Modern lighting adds drama to vintage cabinets and vintage fixtures add incredible charm to a modern interior as well.

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