Essentials of Sewer Line Inspection in Miami Gardens

sewer line inspection in Miami Gardens FL
Before buying a home, plumbers influence customers to not brush aside having the sewer lines checked before the deal is closed. This is exactly true for homes which are more than 20 years old. The plumbing system may sound to work perfectly, but sometimes, roots of nearby trees puncture the sewer line and result in blockages. Stay with me to learn about the basic principles of sewer line inspection in Miami Gardens.

Why Inspect the Sewer Lines?

One of the most popular cause of destruction in the sewer lines are roots of trees. These roots often creep into breaks in the cement where they extend and mature. Over time, they lead to the sewer lines to crack. This certainly will be an immediate matter. A great deal of digging may be required to resolve this.

Another basis for sewer line inspection in Miami Gardens is to realize whether or not the house still utilizes cesspools. Old homes that were built before the development of city sewers had cesspools to manage their wastes. When the public sewers were invented, the cesspools were left untouched. Worse, some homes still got their cesspools connected to the main sewer line. This could not be verified until a sewer inspection is finished made by a licensed Miami Gardens plumber.

Lastly, homes constructed before the 1950’s had sewer lines that use the Orangeburg. This stuff is a type of tarpaper that disintegrates after some time. Sewer lines using Orangeburg needs to be replaced at once. Once again, this can be discovered only after an extensive sewer line inspection.

Let Douglas Orr Plumbing Inspect Your Sewer Lines

Douglas Orr Plumbing offers sewer line inspection in Miami Gardens as part of their many services. A licensed Miami Gardens plumber will use a special type of camera attached to a long cable line that is maneuvered through the sewer lines. You can call (305) 887-1687 to schedule an inspection.